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Name of Quality !
Name of Quality !
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Manufacturing process

1. Pure culture

Pure culture

Yeast cells are provided with the necessary for the growth of mellasovii. Steam sterilization operations are conducted mellasovii to clean sediment. Sterilized mellasovii syrup is stored in stainless steel tanks. Increases under the terms of a pure culture in the laboratory.

2. Production of yeast seed

Production of yeast seed

Pure culture and sterile mellasovii syrup instilled by seeds from other nutrients. After conversion to the desired level of yeast cell pure culture transfers to main fermentora. After growth of pure culture in main fermentor, seeds converts to yeast.

3. Fermentation


As fermentation takes place the dough slowly changes from a rough dense mass lacking extensibility and with poor gas holding properties, into a smooth, extensible dough with good gas holding properties. The yeast cells grow, the gluten protein pieces stick together to form networks, and alcohol and carbon dioxide are formed from the breakdown of carbohydrates (starch, sugars) that are found naturally in the flour.

4. Splitting and cleaning

Splitting and cleaning

At the end of fermentation process, yeast collects in the main fermentor. This collection process realizes in centrefugal fixations. By the repeatedly washing of yeast cells we get cream-colored "liquid yeast.

5. Storage and packaging

Storage and packaging

To maintain the activity and concentrations of liquid yeast it stores in stainless steel tanks, in 0-4 degree. Liquid yeast is outs of water by pouring to filters and peel by special knife from filters. After pressing it packages in 0.5 kg containers. Keeps in rooms with 0-4 degree, clean and well kept air circulation. Sends via special trucks with cooler system.


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AZƏRMAYA ASC offers to customers the following products: Pressed Yeast Dough, Instant dry yeast dough, “VİTANAN” flour additive (VİTANAN classic and VİTANAN premium). For more information about our products click on the following link.


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