Yeast is a group of single-celled organisms that is obtained by purifying the saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast cells are round or oval in shape and vary in size from 2-3 μm to 20-50 μm. 1 gram of wet yeast contains about 10 billion cells. There are about 600 known types of yeast. Of these, only Vefasi is of commercial importance. The yeast used in bread production is Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

In the production of wet press yeast, which is the traditional form of yeast, the amount of dry matter is reduced to 30% and the cream yeast water is removed. Homogeneously pressed in any block format. It is packed in food-friendly wrapping paper. Due to the short shelf life of wet yeast, care must be taken with the storage temperature indicated on the container. (Ideal environment: dry and clean environment at 0-4 ° C.)

The proportion and method of use of wet yeast in bread production varies according to the recipe used and the baking process. After use, the remaining yeast should be stored in a cool, clean, well-ventilated place to prevent spoilage until further use.


An integrated management system policy means all the goals officially stated by the head of the quality-related enterprise, their implementation and maintenance.

The policies applied by "Azər Maya" are as follows:

* To constantly maintain the reputation of the company, which fully meets the wishes and expectations of the customer and is trusted;

* To ensure an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence in cooperation with suppliers;

* Comply with the requirements of international and national legislation, as well as standards;

* Closely monitor and apply technological development to reduce costs and increase profitability;

* Increase the competitiveness of products, enter foreign markets and further strengthen the country's export potential;

* Continuously increase the knowledge and skills of staff, discover inner talents and promote team spirit;

* Contribute to the level of employment by creating new jobs.


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